Power Bank 44000mAh PowerPlus 9+

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Condition: New

Location: Lahore


Model : Powerplus 9+
Product Color:Black/Red/White
Attached 4 USB Output ports
3 Input Ports(Micro/type c/ios)
Built-in 4 Cables(USB/Micro/Type-C/ios)
Rated output: DC 5V2.1A
Rated input: DC 5V2.1A
Battery Capacity: 44000 mAh
LCD Display

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1. Large capacity, long life, direct boarding.
2. Adopt the Premium Case, easy to carry, and feel better.
3. With a Hanging rope.
4. Stronge LED Light
5. Standard universal interface output, plug, and play chose more convenient.
6. For multi-type smartphones, digital cameras, GPS, MP3, MP4, tablet computers, and other digital products battery charging.
7. Smart chip control current charge small, efficient and stable output, cycle up to 100 times.

Package Included:
1x Powerplus 9+
1x Retail Box
1x Charging Cable
Micro / Tye-C / Lighting Cable


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