Airpods Pro With Wireless Charging Case Good Sound Quality

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  • AirPods design says the same
  • Case now offers wireless charging
  • Can be used as a single or stereo pair
  • As before, the AirPods sit in the opening of your ears with a small rod protruding out and down your face, holding them in place. There are no ear hooks, no tight fittings, no adjustability in any way.
  • That means they are incredibly easy to put in and out of your ears, are comfortable for wearing over long periods of time, but can become dislodged if you move too much, like when out on a run, for example.
  • With no visible controls, you’re left to a basic programmable touch option, or using your voice for everything else. That would be a problem for most, however the AirPods will automatically pause your music when you remove them from your ear, and it’s not hard to say “Hey Siri, skip track” now that Siri is built in.


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